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Dutch University professor Rob Bauer in top ten of most influential academics in the area of institutional investment

Rob Bauer, professor of Institutional Investors at Maastricht University has been named by the international investment periodical aiCIO Magazine as one of the ten most influential academics in the field of institutional investment. The magazine recently published the list Professors 2013, which details the worldwide top of academics who have made important contributions to aiding pension and investment funds.

Bauer is in the good company of colleagues from business schools in Oxford, Cambridge, New York, London and Boston. Just like the other academics on the list, aiCIO Magazine praised him for the importance he attaches to the practical usefulness of his academic expertise.

Bauer in the magazine: “I like to put research to practical use.” Bauer is the founder and director of the research institute ECCE (European Centre for Corporate Engagement) of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. He is also the director of the International Center for Pension Management at the University of Toronto. “I want to show asset managers what power and responsibilities they have and do not use. It is not just about managing money, it is also about engaging with companies where it makes sense to do so. I would like pension funds to be well-governed pension delivery organizations that operate in the true interest of their beneficiaries – that should be my legacy,” says Bauer.

In his Maastricht professorship, Bauer focuses on research into products that institutional investors (such as pension funds, insurance companies and investment funds) offer and the risks and returns associated with these. “Pension funds have been under the spotlight for several years, partly due to the greater attention they are receiving from the public and government. Among institutional investors there is a considerable demand for academic research in the area of institutional assets management.”