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Most Dutch people unprepared for disaster

Most Dutch haven’t taken any steps to prepare for a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other emergency, according to a new study from the Dutch government on preparedness.

Nearly six in ten Dutch people think they are unprepared at home to survive at least three days without water, gas and electricity. Housewives are the best prepared: they have the most needed tools in house to save themselves.

Students are the worst prepared in case of emergencies. Slightly more than half say they are thinking about it, but have done nothing, according to research from the Ministry of Internal affairs. The government started a research for the campaign “your in control, to be well prepared”.

The campaign launched Monday and is intended to make the Dutch aware of the importance of good preparation for an emergency. The government wants people to make an Emergency Supply Kit that consists of basic items like a flashlight, blankets and personal needs and medication.

For the research they surveyed over a thousand Dutch, asking what they would need in a Basic Emergency Supply Kit.

In the top ten of the Dutch are many things that the government recommends. 86 percent of respondents recommended three liters of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking. 79 percent recommends a supply of non-perishable food on the list. It is amazing that only 25% of the people are so smart to include a can opener in the kit.

According to the Dutch government, more Dutch people are active preparing for emergency due to recent events like power failures, storms, flooding and heat. 75% of respondents have a first aid kit and about half a portable radio.

Check the Dutch government emergency preparedness website, which contains information concerning what you should do in emergencies and how you can prepare for them.