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Dutch voters elect new European Parliament

Almost 13 million Dutch voters kicked off elections on Thursday, June 4, to elect a new European Parliament.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende has already voted Thursday morning in his hometown Capelle aan den IJssel.

Also Deputy Prime Minister Andre Rouvoet (Christian Union) was early. He voted in his home town of Woerden. PVV leader Wilders made his vote in Den Haag.

Vice Prime Minister Wouter Bos (PvdA) has in his hometown Amsterdam voted. Afterwards he continued to campaign in the capital.

New to the Netherlands back the old red pencil to use, because of the recent ban on voting machines.

Dutch and British voters kicked off elections on Thursday, June 4, to elect a new European parliament

Most countries vote on Sunday. Total, a record number of 375 million Europeans vote in the European Parliament.

For the first time the residents of Aruba and the Antilles are able to vote as well for a new Europarlement.

Overall, a record number of 40,000 voters registered letter, of whom half from the Antilles and Aruba.

The Dutch are more sceptical about the EU parliamentary elections than they were before and believe EU institutions are a waste of public money. Euro-scepticism grows in the Netherlands, EU enlargement proved especially unpopular and they reject the idea of any more countries being admitted to the union.

The 25 chosen in the Dutch Europarlement decide on rules for traffic, environment, budget and many other things. Their power is increasing as the new EU treaty comes into force.

The next vote for the Europarlement will be in 2014.