Dutch women boost employment rate in the Netherlands

Dutch women boost employment rate in the Netherlands

The Dutch employment rate has significantly improved, and it’s all thanks to getting more women into work.

Statistics Netherlands announced today that the number of employed had increased by an average of 6 thousand a month between March and May. Women entirely account for the increase. The male working population has been stable for quite a while. Since the labour force remained virtually unchanged, the number of unemployed decreased. The unemployment rate in May was 6.9, versus 7.1 three months ago. The latest first-quarter figures on long-term unemployment do not indicate a downward trend.

Since March 2014, employment has grown. Compared to one year previously, 87 thousand women found work. Initially, the number of employed men also increased, but – on balance – the number of employed men did not increase in the past six months.

The growth in the number of employed women became apparent a year ago. In recent years, the labour participation rate has risen noticeably among over-45 women. In May this year, 60.5 percent of women were working, versus 59.3 percent in May 2014. With over 70 percent, the net male labour participation rate is higher but has hardly changed over the past year. Since May 2014, 16 thousand men have found work.

More women than men are working less than 12 hours a week. In the first quarter, 9 percent of men and 16 percent of women were working less than 12 hours a week. About one-quarter of female workers were employed on a full-time basis in 2014, as against three-quarters of working men.

In May, 6.6 percent of men and 7.3 percent of women were unemployed, but – proportionally – men are more often trapped in long-term unemployment.

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