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Dutch youth living a healthier lifestyle

Dutch youths between 11 and 16 years are living healthier in recent years. They often eat breakfast; eat fewer sweets and soft drinks in the age group 11 to 14 years are also drinking and smoking decreased.

According to research by the Trimbos Institute, the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) and Utrecht University whose results were published Tuesday.

The study of over 5600 Dutch young people is part of what is known HBSC survey on the health and wellbeing of school children. The UN World Health Organization has performed the survey last year for the third time in dozens of countries.

Comparative figures are available later this year. In previous editions showed that Dutch youth are performing relatively well, but scored high on smoking, drinking and smoking dope.

For the 15 – and 16-year-olds, the picture remains regarding alcohol use according to the researchers worried.
Parents also appear in all age categories significantly underestimate how much their children drink and smoke. Do see more parents than before in the harmfulness of smoking and drinking at a young age. This has also led to a higher education in these fields.

The relationship with their parents and peers evaluate most young people as positive. They generally find it a pleasant or very pleasant life and feel healthy.

The differences of higher education have also grown considerably in recent years. The researchers therefore suggest that prevention of problems with lower education must have priority.