Dutchman crashes after killing pilot

A Dutch aviation journalist (33) has a bizarre way to commit suicide.

The Dutchman, born in Istanbul, murdered the 37-year-old pilot of the private plane on which he was flying and then switched off the engine.

The plane, a Piper Cherokee, crashed in a field near the airport of Bariloche in Patagonia. The Argentine police think of murder because a bloody knife was found onboard the crashed plane. Also the key was no longer in the ignition. At the hotel room of the Dutchman a farewell letter was found to his wife.

The Dutch journalist himself had a pilot’s license. He had actually wanted to rent a plane and just want to leave alone. His request was rejected and arranged an aircraft with pilot for a flight over Patagonia.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague confirmed that a Dutchman was killed but that the case is still under investigation. He could not give more information.

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