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Dutchman named Santa of the Year in Sweden

A velvet-voiced Dutchman has been crowned winner of the 2011 Santa Games in Gällivare in northern Sweden on Sunday.

“It feels great, I really didn’t expect it. Now I have to come back and defend my title next year,” 24-year-old Santa champion Sinter Klas Stefan Veronderd of The Netherlands told the local Norrbottens Kuriren newspaper after claiming his prize.

Prior to the competition he told the organizers that his tactics included being the “merriest, youngest and best trained Santa” as well as winning the jury over with his “charming ‘hohoho’ laughter”.

The winner of the competition is chosen by a three-member jury consisting of a local city official, Gällivare’s own official Santa, and by the person who serves as the competition mascot.