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Easier for non-EU professionals to set up business in the Netherlands

An Asian app-developer, creative designer or instrument maker wanting to set up their business in the Netherlands will soon have easier access to the Dutch market.

As of 1 August 2013, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will ease regulations for entrepreneurs outside of the European Union who wish to start a business here. This applies especially to innovative self-employed that can make a special contribution to the Dutch economy with their expertise.

Apart from applying to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, the knowledge workers have to file an additional request to be allowed to work in the Netherlands. A points system is used to determine whether they make a significant economic contribution. The assessment will be based on criteria including education, business experience, financing and innovation.

The new self-employment regulation is more in line with the needs of the creative, medical and ICT sectors, which attract a growing number of self-employed. Businesses are looking for independent knowledge workers with creative, innovative ideas and new solutions. This way, attracting more foreign knowledge workers will also contribute to an increase in employment in these sectors.

The minimum amount knowledge migrants will have to invest in their business will be lowered from €25000 to €5000. They can also increase their score if they can show how they are going to contribute to innovation.

Source: Dutch government