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Easter Tourism 2011 breaks all records in the Netherlands

Easter 2011 has broken all records in terms of tourism. Over half million Dutch people enjoyed Easter in their own country due to the beautiful weather and over 1 million foreign tourist visited the Netherlands during Easter days.

Never before so many tourists visited the Netherlands during Easter. All visitors together spend about 750 million euros, also a record.

Dutch tourists spend 550 million euro on accommodation, entertainment, food and drinks. Foreign tourists, 65 percent Germans, spent another 200 million. “Also in terms of spending Easter 2011 breaks all records, ” said Dutch Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) Monday.

Visitor numbers surpass both the predictions and the numbers from last year. In total, 1.25 million Dutch people went abroad with Easter. 550,000 of them remained in the Netherlands, more than double compared to last year. There were 200,000 more tourists from other countries. Besides Germans were also many Belgians, French, British, Italians and Spanish people visited the Netherlands.

The good start of the tourist season, according to the NBTC due to the exceptional weather and the fact that Easter this year was relatively very late.

Easter 2011 was the warmest since at least 1901, last year was the changeable weather.