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Dutch start eating insects

Fearing animal scarcity, Dutch scientists in the Netherlands are experimenting with different insects that could replace animal meat as a source of protein in our daily diets.

Eating insects like mealworms, grasshoppers and Buffalo worms is becoming enormously popular in the Netherlands and may even be named the latest culinary trend.

If you do not like the whole idea of insects on your plate, then you better get used to eating insects soon. Chances are that your food already contains insects.

“The question really should be: ‘Why do we not eat insects?’” said Marcel Dicke, the chief of entomology at the Netherland’s Wageningen University, adding that the average person already unknowingly eats more than a pound of bug particles in jams, breads and other processed foods each year.

Several Dutch chocolate manufacturers are seriously thinking about adding Freeze-Dried Mealworms to their recipe.

You will probably not recognize the insects once they are processed into your food and find that dried insects taste pretty good.

Raising insects is environmentally friendly. They require minimal space per pound of protein produced, have a better feed to meat ratio than any other animal you can raise, and are very low on the food chain. They are healthy, tasty, and have been utilized for the entire history of mankind.

TEDxAmsterdam: Marcel Dicke from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.