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Dutch amusement park Efteling to build biggest and most expensive attraction

Dutch Amusement park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel invests heavily in the coming years in their new attraction Hartenhof: the Palace of Symbolica, the realm of fantasy. The new attraction will cost 42.5 million and will open on May 31 in 2012.

On that date, the park celebrates its 60th anniversary. The Hartenhof will be the biggest and most expensive attraction in the history of the Efteling, according the park.

The new attraction in the heart of the park will be given the same level of quality as the existing rides such as; Dreamflight and Fata Morgana.
Pardoes the magician is the most famous occupant of the Hartenhof.

More information on the Efteling’s new attraction is unknown.