Electric taxis coming to Amsterdam

Amsterdam expects the first electric taxis to drive this summer. Former director of Taxi Centrale Amsterdam (TCA) Bas Vos shows original English taxis convert to environmentally friendly vehicles. That said Monday in response to an article about it in Het Parool.

The municipality has already pledged a grant of 225,000 Euros. The electric taxis cost 100,000 Euros each. The vehicles are shipped to the Netherlands and then get an electric motor built-in. The wheel is already on the left, said the entrepreneur. He has ordered five cars.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the new taxis also benefit wheelchair users. The cars are bigger and offer more space for wheelchairs. “This is really ideal, because the wheelchair transport in Amsterdam is a crime,” said Fox. “There is great demand and little supply.”

The British taxi is the only car in the world that was really built as a taxi. “It is suitable for five to six people, including luggage. With the best Mercedes you get no further than four persons.

The electric taxi can drive 300 kilometers before it needs recharging. This is possible at the charge points which the city is building. Vos wants to supply the vehicles to the TCA drivers. He keeps one for himself so that interested parties can make a test ride. According to him there is much enthusiasm for the electric taxi.

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