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Dutch scientists develop electronic nose to smell asthma

Dutch scientists are the first in the world to develop an electronic nose that can smell within five minutes whether a person has asthma.

After four years of research shows the device in more than 90 percent of cases the correct after diagnosis.

The device, called the e-nose “, recognizes the molecular composition of the exhaled air and can even distinguish between lung diseases, asthma and COPD.

The e-nose is cheaper, smaller and easier than the devices that are currently used in hospitals, according to Niki Fens medical researcher, working at Academic Medical Center (AMC). This will be announced today on World Asthma Day. Fens PhD in September on this research, co-funded by the Asthma Foundation.

The electronic nose was first used in the U.S. Army to detect biological weapons, then in the food industry and now in the medical world. Recently it was announced that the e-nose might also detect cancer at an early stage.