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Employed Dutch labour force reduced by more than 250 thousand

In the second quarter of 2013, the employed labour force was reduced by more than 150 thousand relative to the first quarter according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands. For two thirds the main reason for unemployment was that their jobs were axed or their temporary contract expired. Nearly one quarter of these people were not immediately looking for new jobs.

In 39 percent of cases, people still belonging to the employed labour force in the first quarter of 2013, but no longer in the second quarter, stated that the main reason for being unemployed was that their jobs were axed. According to 26 percent, the direct reason was expiration of their temporary contract. Together, these two reasons accounted for two thirds of job losses.

Other reasons for people to stop working were, for example, retirement (8 percent) and illness or disability (7 percent).

Approximately one quarter of people whose jobs were axed or whose contracts were not renewed had not looked for new jobs of at least twelve hours a week in the second quarter or they were not immediately available for the labour market. The corresponding figure for those who had stopped working for other reasons, e.g. illness, education, retirement or care duties was 90 percent. The majority of them indicated they did not want to work or were unable to work.

Employed labour force reduced by more than 250 thousand in second quarter of 2013
From the first to the second quarter of this year, the employed labour force was reduced by 258 thousand; 154 thousand did not work at all while 104 thousand were still working in the second quarter, but less than twelve hours a week.