English comedy with Greg Shapiro and Comedy Award Winner BRENDON BURNS

English comedy with Greg Shapiro and Comedy Award Winner BRENDON BURNS

Brendon Burns is Britain’s most outspoken cult comic for 2 decades now. The Australian is notorious for his scandalous shows and unapologetic views, whilst remaining intensely and oddly lovable. In 2007, Burns won the Oscar of UK stand-up comedy: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Comedy Award.

With his brutally honest and personal material, Burns has earned a spot in the top echelon of international comedy. In total, Burns has 10 CDs & DVDs, including ‘The Thinking Man’s Idiot,’ ‘So I Suppose THIS is Offensive Now,’ and ‘Brendon Burns Hasn’t Heard of You Either.’ His book ‘Fear of Hat Loss in Las Vegas’ chronicles his attempts to transcend the drug-ridden debauchery of the comedy world by total immersion. His iconoclastic commentary on UK & US comedy has appeared in The Guardian, The Scotsman, and on chortle.co.uk. Burns loves performing in the Netherlands, with a soft spot for Dutch audiences.

“The most jaw-droppingly awkward, painful, yet ultimately rewarding piece of stand-up we’ve ever seen. FIVE STARS.” – Time Out London

Greg Shapiro – The American Netherlander – is known for his work with Boom Chicago, Comedy Central and VARA HumorTV. ‘Greg Shapiro Presents’ started as a side-project for Shapiro to ask his favorite English-language comedians to tour the Netherlands with him (e.g. Steve Hughes, Ava Vidal, Pete Johansson). The tour led to a tv show ‘Greg Presents,’ which can be seen on HumorTV.  The ‘Greg Shapiro Presents’ tour offers intimate, theatrical settings, which bring the best out of the comedians every time. Shapiro’s book ‘How to Be Orange’ is to be published in the fall of 2013. Shapiro can also be seen in his solo tour ‘Superburger: the Man with Split Nationalities.’

Watch Brendon Burns:

Date                                    Theater                                   City                   Tickets
03.10.2013                  Theater Zuidplein                              Rotterdam           Order
05.10.2013                  Theater Pepijn                                    Den Haag             Order
06.10.2013                  Apollo Hotel Almere City Centre   Almere                  Order
07.10.2013                  Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum                   Enschede              Order
08.10.2013                  Theater Pepijn                                   Den Haag             Order
09.10.2013                  De Meervaart                                     Amsterdam          Order
10.10.2013                  Schiller theater                                   Utrecht                 Order
11.10.2013                  Parktheater Eindhoven                     Eindhoven            Order

For more information about Greg Shapiro and his comedy shows go to:
www.puuree.com and www.gregshapiro.nl

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