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Espen Krukhaug Bifröst in Amsterdam

The series ‘Bifröst’ explores the realm of insomnia, a condition endured by millions of people, including the models and the photographer and installation artist Espen Krukhaug. Using their own experiences as a basis, they have tried to portray the strange and delirious thoughts brought on by lack of sleep. The exhibition is from 12 May until 23 June in Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam.

As with an ill person or an addict, the loss of control can trick one’s perception, clouding the usual distinctions between reality and dream. When body and soul are deprived of the proper experience of wakefulness and sleep, the result is an abnormal existence in which the mind seems to feed on itself. In this environment, even the smallest obstacles or concerns can seem insurmountable.

Espen Krukhaug was born in 1978, in a small town just outside of Oslo, Norway. Though photography started out as a hobby, it led to the release of his first book ‘Skinhead’ in 2004. He wanted to pursue his interest and moved to London to study photography at Camberwell College of Art. He graduated in 2008 and went on to publish his second book ‘Before Dawn’. This book features an introduction by Philip Chevron, from the band The Pogues. And in collaboration, the band Orangedark composed music inspired by the photos.

In 2011 he published his third book ‘Bifröst’. A series of images portraying insomnia, something the artist have delt with first hand. He experienced this project as therapeutic. Instead of laying in bed and trying to get some sleep, he went for walks in a delirious state of mind. Not really sure if he was dreaming or not. Not really sure the things he saw were real. The haunting feeling of crossing an uncrossable bridge.

Together with friends and models, Krukhaugs and this projects intention was to explore these implicit subjects and untouchable aspects within the lens of a camera. The depression, the solitude and the silence. The eerie feeling of being the only one without sleep, but craving it more than anyone. ‘Bifröst’ includes images of dimly lit interior spaces and semi urban landscapes veiled by a sheath of darkness.

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