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European air traffic back to normal on Thursday

European air traffic will be back to normal on Thursday, according to Eurocontrol.

EUROCONTROL expects approximately 22,500 flights to take place on Wednesday in European airspace. On a normal Wednesday, they would expect 28,000. Thus over 80% of the total number of flights are expected to take place in Europe today.

At the current time, all European airspace is available above 20,000 feet.

Almost all of European airspace below 20,000 feet is available and air traffic services are being provided, although restrictions are still in force in very limited areas, including Finland airports and parts of northern Scotland.

Trans-Atlantic flights operations have gone back to normal, with 338 flights arriving in Europe today.
It is anticipated that almost 100% of the air traffic will take place in Europe tomorrow, Thursday 22 April.

Dutch airline KLM carried out a several test flights Saturday night and detected “no problems” from the volcanic ash that has shut down air travel across much of Europe for the past four days.

Since the eruption beneath southern Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier worsened last week, prompting local evacuations and affecting European air space, airlines have been losing at least $200 million a day, according to the International Air Transport Association, the trade group representing airlines. That could mean airlines worldwide have lost about a billion dollars as of Sunday.