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Europe’s most modern oil field in the Netherlands

The Dutch government and The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) have re-opened the oldest Dutch oil field, which was abandoned over a decade ago.

The NAM, which owns the Schoonebeek heavy crude oil field in the country’s northeast, decided to stop drilling in 1996. The field was formerly known for its hundreds of oil pump jacks and was dismantled 15 years ago because of inefficient technology.

New technology such as steam injection make extraction possible again. The Dutch Petroleum Company (NAM) speaks of the most modern oil field in Europe.

The field in Schoonebeek is Europe’s largest oilfield on the northwest continent. NAM expects to produce 100 to 120 million barrels over the next 25 years.

In the period 1947-1996 the company produced 250 million barrels from the field in Schoonebeek, which had a total capacity of around 1 billion barrels.

The NAM will not say how much has been invested, but it is hundreds of millions’ of Euros.

They hope that this new technology will be profitable for extraction.