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Exclusive Mansion Parties in Las Vegas

Sinners & Saints, a well-known host of ‘mansion parties’ across Europe, is readying the launch of its first live event in the U.S.; appropriately enough, the North American mansion party debut will occur in Sin City.

Sinners & Saints’ first national mansion party will take place in Las Vegas on March 26, 2011.

Conceptualized by Ramon van Meer in 2006, Sinners & Saints mansion parties were originally created as an alternative to the European club scene, which van Meer believed had grown stagnant in his native Netherlands. He wanted to create something different and fresh, one space that combines all of his various creative passions. The first European mansion party struck a chord amongst partygoers, and subsequent events soon were in high demand. Expanding his mansion party concept to the U.S. seemed inevitable.

“A mansion party isn’t a club. It’s an event, a true production.” van Meer states, referring to the eclectic mix of dance, music and artistic performances showcased during a mansion party night. Booking a wide range of acts, including tasteful strip performances, breakdancing crews and fire shows, one of van Meer’s top priorities is to make sure that partygoers don’t suffer any downtime. Production value at a Sinners & Saints mansion party is traditionally high, adding much gloss to the fun.

Another trademark of a Sinners Mansion party is its expansiveness. Parties always take place in luxurious mansions, affording revelers thousands upon thousands of square footage in which to party.

Parties are purposefully kept relatively small – no more than 500 – in order to create a more intimate atmosphere than the more impersonal vibe partygoers often have to contend with at dance clubs on and off the Las Vegas Strip. Mansion parties have a handful of party hostesses, whose main responsibility is to ensure that patrons enjoy themselves during the night. “Our hostesses strive to give one and all a more personalized party experience,” explains van Meer, “They’re there to make sure everyone has fun at all times.”

The upcoming Sinners & Saints event on March 26 is expected to have notable DJs mixing things up, providing entertainment across a wide range of musical styles, including R&B, hip hop and house. The party will take place at a 7,500-square foot mansion, space which will include over 10 uniquely-themed rooms and a large outdoor area with pool and a live stage. Patrons can also pre-book VIP tickets, an exclusive treatment that includes no waiting lines, a VIP table, full bottle service and limousine pickup before the party and drop-off afterwards.

Our Las Vegas Parties are expected to occur on a quarterly basis, once every three months approximately, adding to a heightened sense of anticipation among would-be patrons.

As the March Sinners & Saints event will be its official U.S. premiere, it’s expected to be a visual and aural extravaganza on a scale unlike its predecessors. “We hope to top all other mansion parties previously produced in Europe,” van Meer says with a grin.

Tickets can be purchased in advance by visiting Sinners & Saints’ website,