World’s most expensive coat costs one million dollars

This is the world’s most expensive coat. The coat is made of 7541 original designer labels and is worth a staggering Euro 759,987.20 or one million dollars.

The pricey coat is on display at the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands.

The design costs as much as Euro 759,987.20, the coat consists of 7541 original designer labels from existing brands such as Issey Miyake and True Form.

Fashion designer Silke Waro designed the coat and it took about three months to assemble all labels. The result: a firm padded coat called Euro 759,987.20.

The artist wants to remind us of the sometimes disproportionate brand madness.

You can admire the coat up close at the exhibition Connecting The Past and the Future.

The exhibition links the historical museum’s collection to new work from the 21st century.

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