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Dutch Exports Enjoy Steady Growth

The Dutch export volume of goods in February was seven percent higher than one year earlier, while imports increased by 10 percent. This is evident from the latest figures by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published Monday .

Improvements and deteriorations keep each other in balance in April’s Exports Radar.

The value of exported goods totalled 32.9 billion euro, 19 percent more than one year previously. The value of imports grew by 22 percent to 29.0 billion euro. The trade surplus amounted 3.9 billion euro, the same as in February 2010.

The value of imports and exports of raw materials and mineral fuels was distinctly higher than twelve months previously. Imports of chemical products, food en beverages grew strongly too.

Exports to EU countries grew slightly faster than exports to non-EU countries. Imports show the opposite pattern.

Export prices were 10.6 percent higher than twelve months previously, import prices were 10.8 percent higher. As a result, the terms of trade deteriorated marginally compared with February 2010.

Source: CBS