Extreme weather warnings across the Netherlands

Extreme weather warnings across the Netherlands

The Dutch weather service KNMI warns of extreme weather for the coastal regions in the Netherlands.

State officials have issued Code Orange warnings for Zeeland, South Holland, North Holland, Friesland and Groningen regions.

Due to extremely high water a dike break threatens to flood the town Tolbert in Groningen, reported the fire department Thursday morning.

Dutch Rijkswaterstaat expects the water level to be about 2.30 meters above sea level at the coast areas around noon Thursday.

A rain storm is traveling across the Netherlands from north to south, according to the weather service. Also there is a lot of rain in a short time, which may lead to heavy traffic.

From Schiphol Airport, airlines have canceled a number of flights today, due to the strong wind. A spokesman estimates that it will involve about 15 flights.

The extreme weather will continue with gusts of up to 110kph hitting the Netherlands.

On Thursday evening around 6pm, a dike broke over a length of 200 meters near the Dutch island De Burd in Grou , reported Friesland officials.

In the night of Thursday to Friday, The water level in East Groningen is rising much faster than expected. The Water Board Hunze and Aa’s are pulls out all the stops to discharge excess water .

Friday morning, the Dutch Regional Policy Team decided it would start a mandatory evacuation of about 800 residents in villages around Woltersum in Groningen, Wittewierum and parts of Ten Boer and Ten Post. It is a staged emergency evacuation late Friday morning according to the management team.

On Saterday, Friesland Waterboard will strengthen 700 meters of severely weakened dikes in Friesland.

The Dutch have been busily reclaiming and protecting their lowlands for centuries by creating an intricate network of dikes surrounding low-lying tracts of land. The Dutch have a highly professional and established engineering, marine hydraulics and governmental infrastructure dedicated to building, maintaining and improving the country’s coastal defenses against the sea.

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