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Fashiolista goes mobile and launches iPhone App

Fashiolista, one of the fastest growing online fashion communities, has just released its first mobile application.

The Fashiolista iPhone App is free and now available to all fashionable women worldwide from the App store. The Fashiolista website get’s over 1.000.000 ‘loves’ on fashion items per month and the App is expected to boost that number even further.

Browsing fashion items and ‘Loving’ them is extremely popular on the Fashiolsita website and one of the key features of the new iPhone App. With Fashiolista on your mobile phone, you can get a fresh dose of fashion inspiration wherever you are.

The App allows you to browse the latest fashion finds from the people you follow and ‘Love’ the items that you like best. You can also check the latest finds from everyone in the community, start following new people, or check your own fashionable profile. The App was highly anticipated by the Fashiolista communities and the first stats show that it’s dangerously addictive.  

Fashiolista is currently working on more Mobile applications for Android the iPad, which are expected to be released soon.

Fashiolista is one of the fastest growing online fashion communities. Fashiolista’s members collect their greatest fashion finds from anywhere on the web with a special heart-shaped browser button. By adding items to their profile, they create a continuous stream of fashion inspiration for themselves, but also for others to follow. Similar to Twitter, following other members allows you to get constant real-time updates of their latest fashion finds.
Fashiolista was launched in May 2010. Since then Fashiolista has attracted members from more than 100 countries. Together these members have handpicked & shared over 300.000 fashion items from over 10.000 different stores & websites. These items have been “Loved” (think retweeted) by the community over 5 million times. The community is picking up traction fast; its members currently “Love” items at a rate of over 1.000.000 per month.