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Europe’s First Ferris Wheel Over Sea Opened on The Pier in Scheveningen

The Ferris wheel on The Pier has started turning. With this, The Hague gains a tourist attraction: Europe’s first Ferris wheel constructed over sea.

The Ferris wheel is over forty meters high and has 36 closed gondolas with air conditioning, including one VIP gondola with a glass bottom. All gondolas have luxury seats and each gondola offers room for up to six people. From the Ferris wheel visitors have a panoramic view of the sea, the beach and The Hague’s skyline. Adults pay €9.00 and children under twelve pay €7.00 for this special experience. On average, a ride on the Ferris wheel lasts 20 minutes. Lunch, dinner or high tea at a high altitude over the sea will soon also be possible. For more information

Perry Oerlemans, owner of Skyview Attractions: “We are very proud that the Ferris wheel on The Pier can finally be put into service and that we can introduce the public to this great attraction. With the construction of the Ferris wheel we have definitively changed the Scheveningen skyline and given the seaside resort even more international allure!”

SOURCE Den Haag Marketing