Fewer Dutch households rely on benefits for a long period of time

Last year, 855 thousand Dutch households were dependent on benefits for a sustained period of time, i.e. nearly 40 thousand fewer than in 2009. The total number of households living on benefits amounted to 1.6 million, according to Statistics Netherlands. Single-parent families with only underage children and households with non-western breadwinners relatively often live on benefits for a long period of time.

More than one in five in a total of nearly 7.4 million Dutch households lived on benefits in 2010. Part of their gross incomes consisted of unemployment, social security or disability benefits. More than one in ten (855 thousand households) had lived on benefits for four years or more. Since 2006, when 979 thousand households were depending on benefits for their livelihood, the number has gradually fallen.

One in ten households largely depend on benefits
One in ten households in the Netherlands for the most part lived on benefits in 2010, i.e. benefits made up 40 percent or more of their gross incomes. Over half of these households were in a situation of long-term benefit dependency.

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