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Breakthrough in fight against killer EHEC bacteria

Dutch Researchers from TNO have made a world wide breakthrough in the battle against lethal bacteria such as EHEC.

Food scientists from TNO were able to find natural ingredients that effectively cut bacteria short that had become resistent to antibiotics.

The discovery has been tested using the ESBL-bacterium, but is also applicable against the EHEC-bacterium. The finding comes at a time when the bacteria has made more than 20 lethal victims in Germany and has infected thousands. In The Netherlands the fear for the life-threatening bacterium has also been growing.

It is a product developed especially to fight the likewise dangerous ESBL bacteria, but the new drug is also suitable for the battle against the EHEC bacteria in Germany that killed over 20 people, according to the scientists.

The Dutch food scientists, who published the news today are speaking of a global breakthrough because it can start the fight against the bacteria that have become immune to antibiotics.

“We have found a cure of natural ingredients that kills resistant bacteria, “says Dr. Jan Pieter van der Lugt, Director at TNO Nutrition of the renowned research center.