Financial Times praises Dutch regions for their investment climate

Financial Times praises Dutch regions for their investment climate

Brainport Eindhoven and the province of Brabant received several awards at the international real estate fair MIPIM in Cannes, for their high ranking in the Financial Times survey of ‘fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future”.

The Times ranked Eindhoven third on the overall European Foreign Direct Investment Index (fDi index) and first on the ranking for Western Europe. According to the British financial authority, the center of the high-tech region Brainport is an excellent place to invest in the future. The province of Brabant received an award for its top position in the ranking of regions with the best fDi Strategy.

Mayor Rob van Gijzel immediately invited the attending press and investors to come and see the innovative power of Brainport Eindhoven from up close. “Our companies and knowledge institutions make extraordinary discoveries which help find solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. The Eindhoven pioneer spirit can help create a world that is sustainable, liveable and able to handle the future; to be Future Proof.” With this in mind, potential investors were encouraged to explore the possibilities of contributing to the success of regional campus sites, startups, accelerators and research, but also to invest in urban area development and real estate.

In Cannes, Bert Pauli – Member of the Executive Council of the Province Brabant – praised the power of the Brabant culture of cooperation. “Our economic structure, in which cooperation is crucial, offers interesting opportunities for investors with courage and vision. With us, they find a network in which large entrepreneurs remain innovative and small business owners are given the opportunity to grow. ”

Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp commented that he is very pleased with the picture The Financial Times paints: “With Brainport Eindhoven (3), Amsterdam (9), Rotterdam (14) and Utrecht (18), the Netherlands is well represented in the top 25. A close collaboration between businesses, educational institutions and the government leads to a good investment- and business climate in the Netherlands. Being attractive to investors is a determining factor for employment in the future.”

According to fDi jury member Michal Kaczmarski, Europe editor of fDi Magazine, Brabant’s investor aftercare initiatives are very impressive, as well as practical support activities such as help for foreign workers and companies in obtaining necessary permits and information. “Such efforts offer investors a smooth landing in the region. This is an important aspect of FDI attraction,” said Kaczmarski.

The ‘fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future’ is a list which fDi Magazine publishes every two years. It ranks cities and regions with the best prospects for foreign investments, economic development and business expansion. The independent survey is carried out by fDi Intelligence, the world’s largest knowledge center in the field of foreign investment. The researchers collected data from 468 cities and regions in Europe.

SOURCE Brainport Eindhoven & Province of Brabant

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