Fined for saving Chihuahua

Fined for saving Chihuahua

A guy from Amsterdam, volunteer firefighter, received a fine of 1400 euro and eighty hours community service because of beating three people.

In the night of May 15 he walked his small Chihuahua from his girlfriend in a courtyard in Amsterdam.

“I am a bit ashamed to take this little dog for a walk, so I kept myself at a distance. Suddenly, three drunken guys came outside; see the dog, but not me. One of those guys walks with a bottle of whiskey and throws the whiskey on the Chihuahua. Then they kicked the dog a couple of times and on top of it all one guy says: Put it on fire!”

At that moment the Amsterdammer stepped up to protect his little Chihuahua from the three bigger then him drunk guys. He punched one guy in the stomach and a third guy fell on the ground and broke his nose.

Now a couple of drunken guys that tried to kill my dog walk out free, and I have to pay a fine plus fulfill a community service for saving my dog.

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