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First Dutch Apple Store to Open in Amsterdam March 3

The opening of the first Dutch Apple Store in Amsterdam, which will become the company’s first retail venue in the Benelux, is officially scheduled for March 3.

A new message on Apple’s website announced Apple will have a Big opening Saturday, March 3, according to Apple.

“Apple Store, Amsterdam. Arriving Saturday, March 3 10:00,” the announcement says.

It was already known that an Apple Store would be located at the landmark Hirsch building in Amsterdam. It is now official that the store is opening on March 3. That is one week before the expected iPad3 will be announced.

The opening will take place on Saturday at 10.00 and then the store is open seven days a week. Worldwide there are 361 official Apple Stores opened since 2001. 246 are located in the United States and 33 in United Kingdom.

There is no official Apple Store in the Benelux yet. The first European Apple Store is in London and has been open since 2004.