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First Dutch artist gets Motown contract

Singer Waylon is the first Dutch solo artist who signed a contract with the American record label Motown.

His debut album Wicked Ways was produced by Martin Terefe and Sacha Skarbek, who previously worked with singers James Morrison and Jason Mraz. Waylon wrote many songs with the music producers and session musicians and then worked four months on his debut album in London. Ultimately the CD came via Universal to Motown.

“Waylon has a very exceptional voice and he is an excellent performer. We are very proud to welcome Waylon as the first Dutch solo artist ever with Motown,” said Sylvia Rhone, President of Motown Records and Executive Vice President of Universal Records.

The Dutchman is now among other Motown stars, including Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. The Rock & Soul singer will bring out his first single “Wicked Way” on August 7th. Waylon received national fame when he participated in the TV talent show “Holland’s Got Talent”. Waylon gave a very impressive interpretation of “It’s a Mans World ‘by James Brown. The jury Henkjan Smits and Patricia Paay were also very impressed with this musical talent.