Growing number of first time fathers over 40 in the Netherlands

Growing number of first time fathers over 40 in the Netherlands

The number of first time fathers over the age of 40 is growing according to Statistics Netherlands.

One in six had passed the age of 40 last year. In recent years, the average age of first-time fathers was 32.4 years. First-time mothers are on average 3 years younger. Dutch parents are generally a bit older than parents in other European countries.

Over 184 thousand children were born in the Netherlands in 2010. More than 60 percent of the fathers were in their thirties, as against 66 percent in 1996. In the over-30 age category, the share of fathers beyond the age of 35 has also increased in recent years.

A growing number of fathers are in their forties. Last year, one in seven fathers were in the 40–50 age bracket at childbirth versus one in eleven in 1996. The proportion of fathers older than 50 years varies around 1 percent.

The average age of Dutch fathers is just above the average in several other European countries. The average age difference between fathers and mothers in other countries is also approximately 3 years. Icelandic and English fathers are on average 32.5 years at childbirth; Norwegian fathers are 33.4 years old.

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