First trailer for NOVA ZEMBLA 3D

First trailer for NOVA ZEMBLA 3D

The first official trailer of the movie Nova Zembla has just been released. The movie should arrive in cinemas November 24. It is also the first Dutch 3D movie.

Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes will star in Nova Zembla and Actor Robert de Hoog plays the role of Gerrit de Veer. The Flemish actor Jan Decleir plays Plancius Pastor Peter, who initiated the trip. Doutzen Kroes performs the role of his daughter during her film debut, to whom Gerrit de Veer is in love with. Derek de Lint and Victor Reinier take the roles of Willem Barents and Jacob van Heemskerk.

The film is based on the historical and famous sea voyage led by Willem Barents and Jacob van Heemskerck to Asia. The crew was in search of a northern route since the southern one was blocked by the Spanish, but stranded and had to survive under gruesome circumstances on the arctic island of Nova Zembla.

More info at the official movie web site

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