It’s time to touch your photos with Flickr Studio 3

It’s time to touch your photos with Flickr Studio 3

Flickr Studio for iPad is one of those apps that has moved far beyond its initial purpose: conceived as a basic Flickr viewer, it has now transformed into a full fledged Flickr browsing, uploading and editing experience.

For its upcoming 3.0 release, the biggest challenge was to improve the interface with the basic idea that no GUI elements should ever overlap a photo.

Flickr Studio started out as a simple photo viewing app, a window on the millions of quality photographs that live in the Flickr sphere. But in just under 10 months it has evolved to be much more than just an iPad interface to Flickr. 

“When I started out”, says app creator Robin van Mourik, “I was fed up with constantly syncing all my photos to my iPad, with no way to search through them. Since I have all my photos on Flickr, a native Flickr app for my iPad seamed like a dream app for me to create. As I got more and more excited about the possibilities the app has seen a burst of features in less than a years time”. 

Flickr Studio allows full access to the Flickr experience from the convenience of your iPad. It’s targeted to both hardcore Flickr users but just as much as an inspirational tool for those who don’t have a Flickr account at all: Just browsing the beautiful daily “explore” – the most interesting photos uploaded that day – to the interactive “world” section where one simply pans and zooms on a full screen map view that shows photos taken in that area. “It’s a pretty cool app to use when deciding where to go on your next hiking trip”, says Robin, “I ended up hiking in Swedish Lapland, merily from browsing geo-tagged Flickr photos!”

“Flickr Studio is perfect for traveling”, says Martijn van Mourik (Robins brother and co-owner of software studio Keeple), “I recently started taking my iPad on trips. Combined with Apple’s camera connection kit accessory, Flickr Studio allows me to share my holiday with my friends and family at home. I can load photos from my camera onto my iPad, import them into Flickr Studio, select those that I want to share, add titles, descriptions and tags and then upload directly from my iPad.”

The latest update adds even more features for travelers: on-the-fly resizing of photos before uploading them. “Uploading a hundred 10-megapixel photos is oftentimes not a good idea on a public WI-FI network.”, says Robin, “I’m particularly happy with the option to resize the photos to a percentage of their original dimensions and upload them all in the time it takes to finish my coffee. It even leaves me time to geo-tag all my photos with the insanely easy to use Geo-Tagger in Flickr Studio”.

One of the biggest challenges in version 3 was to try and improve the interface in a way that GUI elements, like information popouts, would no longer block the user’s photos. “After a bunch of different ideas, we finally came up with the idea of slide out panels, which would not obscure the photos in any way.” – This resulted in an extremely clean interface.

Flickr Studio was hailed as “The Ultimate Flickr App for iPad” by Adobe evangelist Terry White and called “Polished app [which] makes browsing photos fun” by technology journalist Glenn Fleishman.

Flickr Studio is available on the Apple app store and costs $4.99 

Keeple is a Dutch software development studio, run by two brothers Martijn and Robin van Mourik. The company specializes in building complex web- and mobile applications with an keen eye for detail. Keeple is committed to joining technology and design into beautiful, high quality apps. The company is located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands and privately owned.

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