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Foreign companies helped create over a million jobs in the Netherlands

There are around 15 thousand foreign-owned enterprises in the Netherlands. Together with their suppliers, these multinationals were good for approximately 1.4 million full-time jobs (FTEs) in 2014, i.e. almost 20 percent of all full-time jobs in the Netherlands. These and other figures on multinationals are reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in the latest edition of the Internationalisation Monitor.

In 2014, foreign-owned multinationals created over 700 thousand FTEs in direct jobs. In addition, these companies contributed almost 650 thousand indirect jobs at other companies.

Foreign-owned multinational subsidiaries are companies in the Netherlands under foreign control. They create jobs in retail and wholesale trade in particular (205 thousand full-time jobs) as well as in manufacturing (194 thousand full-time jobs).

The contribution of FTEs by foreign-owned multinationals is highest in manufacturing at almost 28 percent. Other sectors in which foreign-owned multinationals are a significant source of employment are transport and storage (27 percent), information and communication (25 percent) and retail and wholesale trade (20 percent).