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France largest foreign investor in the Netherlands

Foreign companies accounted for nearly one quarter of private sector investments in the Dutch economy in 2010. French companies account for the largest foreign share according to Statistics Netherlands.

Altogether, companies invested 39.7 billion euro in the Dutch economy in 2010. Foreign companies accounted for nearly 24 percent. French-owned companies contributed the largest share (6 percent) followed by German companies with 5.1 percent.

More than 16 percent of total investments can be attributed to countries within the European Union (EU). With 4.1 percent, the United States was the largest investor outside the EU. Private sector investments include, for example, investments in business premises, machinery, computers and means of transport.

The highest investments by foreign companies were made in the sector manufacturing industry; 42 percent of total investments (6 billion euro) were made by foreign-owned companies. With 13 percent, the United States accounted for the largest share, followed by French companies with 6 percent. Manufacturing industry is the only sector where the majority of foreign investments are made by non-EU countries EU.

Private sector investments in transport, information and communication amounted to 8.1 billion euro. Foreign companies accounted for 29 percent. With nearly 7 percent, French-owned companies made the largest contribution. The construction sector was neither popular among foreign investors, nor among Dutch investors.

Total investments by Dutch and foreign companies were lowest in the sector hotels and restaurants (718 million euro). Foreign investments in the energy sector were almost entirely made by EU countries.