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Netherlands in world top fresh tomatoes

The Netherlands is one of world’s largest exporters of fresh tomatoes.

The Netherlands exported last year 965 million kilos of fresh tomatoes, 4 percent more than in 2008, with a value of 1.1 billion Euros.

The Netherlands ranks the second place in the world with the most exports of fresh tomatoes.

Only Mexico is exporting more then the Netherlands by increasing their export last year with 9% to 1.14 billion kilos.

That was almost all to the United States, the largest tomato importer in the world.

In 2005, Spain was the top exporter of fresh tomatoes in the world. Spain lost the first place to Mexico in 2006 and became second last year when they lost to the Netherlands. Spain exported 830 million kilos last year.

The most important export countries for the Netherlands last year were Germany (393 million kilo) and the United Kingdom (170 million kilo).

95 percent of all exports from our country are shipped to another country of the European Union.

A quarter of the total exported tomatoes from the Netherlands are of foreign origin, so-called re-exports.

Turkey is rapidly emerging as an exporter of fresh tomatoes. Exports totaled 250 million kilo in 2005 and doubled in four years time. In total, 6 billion kilo of tomatoes was exported worldwide in 2009.

Photo by yomi955