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British frustrated virgin to visit Amsterdam

Taxpayers will pay for a British frustrated virgin to visit Amsterdam red-light district.

A 21-year-old Brit with learning disabilities has been granted taxpayers’ money to fly to Amsterdam and visit a prostitute at red-light district. According to his social worker, the man needs it urgently.

His social worker says sex is a ‘human right’ for the unnamed individual – described as a frustrated virgin.

His trip to a brothel in the Dutch capital’s red light district next month is being funded through a 600 million Euro scheme introduced by the last government to empower those with disabilities.

They are given a personal budget and can choose what services this is spent on.

The British Virgin has two courses in the area of sexual consciousness and leaving in one month by plane to Amsterdam. He immediately make a holiday from his visit, says the social worker. “The prostitutes in Amsterdam are much safer than at home. And why would my client not be allowed to have fun? Happiness and personal growth are paramount.”