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Dutch gamers break world record

Six Dutch gamers broke the world record non-stop gaming this weekend in Rotterdam. They played non-stop for 50 hours long the game Red Dead Redemption on the Playstation 3.

The six gamers broke last years record from Chirantan Patnaik from India by almost 10 hours.

They did so during the Twist Dock Gaming Endurance Event in Rotterdam. The record gives gamers a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The six gamers started their world record attempt on Friday afternoon at 12.55 hours and played the game continuously until Sunday afternoon.

Every hour they were allowed to take 10 minutes break and every five hours, they got 50 minutes break. In their breaks they were allowed to eat, stretch their legs or get some sleep. They unanimously decided to stop after 50 hours.

After 50 hours of non-stop gaming, they unanimously decided to stop.

The Dutch gamers won the new world record and got an official inauguration by a representative of Guinness World Records.