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Get creative and discover new places while running and getting fit

Everybody loves playing outside. FigureRunning is a new sport that encourages you to get creative, go outside and discover new places while running and getting fit.

The competition is not about your running speed or distance, it’s all about drawing. Become a master in the art of Figurerunning. Do it when and wherever you want and be sure to share your art with your friends. The world is our canvas and you are the pencil!

Online community
We want to inspire people around the world to find joy and adventure while and by keeping fit. We are building a worldwide community uniting FigureRunners to share their art and find inspiration. The community also functions as a centre of expertise, sharing tips & tricks online.

FigureRunning iPhone app
We want to make FigureRunning big, very big, Olympics 2016 big. Sometimes the technology seems to be a hurdle when motivating people to start running art. The growth of our movement is hampered by the complexity. To make the sport accessible to a wider audience, we are launching a mobile application especially developed by pioneering FigureRunners. The first version of FigureRunning App is now available, and new versions will follow quick taking your comments and ideas into account.
The app is based on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, enabling your mobile phone to track your position. While you are running a line is drawn on your screen. The app is designed using game principles and mechanics to make the actual running more fun. We like to say that we are developing the Photoshop for running. And when your art is finished easy sharing with your networks is facilitated.

Run yourself some worldfame
Join the fun and start running. In fall 2011 the first global FigureRunning art exposition will be held. A professional jury of art, tech and game experts will carefully select artwork from all over the world. Send  your drawings to [email protected] and who knows, maybe your art will become famous?

Other platforms
In the near future we are planning on developing for other mobile platforms.

About us
FigureRunning has been founded by Willempje Vrins, Jan Kroon and Leonieke Verhoog. They are combining their skills in sports, media, games, innovation and tech to develop FigureRunning to its full potential.