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Giant dinosaur bone found in the Netherlands

A giant mammoth bone and other remains from an adult mammoth, a mega-mammal that went extinct in the last Ice Age, were unearthed this week at a construction site in Den Bosch, a newspaper reported today.

The mammoth lived during the Late Pleistocene (the Pleistocene lasted from about 1.8 million to 12,000 years ago), plodding over what is now the Netherlands and as far as The United States.

The sand dredger came across the great find of the giant thighbone of a mammoth and a lot of smaller bones, all materials would be crushed with traditional sand dredging method.

A new way of sand dredging used by the sand dredger Boskalis, is not only beneficial to builders but also great for science. Amateur paleontologists have demonstrated in the new district de Groote Wielen in Den Bosch. In the deepest secrecy, they found unique remains from the Ice Age in the last couple of years.

Between the sand from 8 meters deep they found about a thousand perfectly preserved bones of mammals from the ice age. On the cold dry area of the old Maas, rhinoceros, mammoths and wild horses were walking around 40,000 years ago. From bone research, prehistoric reindeer hunters also lived around that time in the area.

Municipalities, scientists and hobbyists are looking with great interest to the project in Den Bosch. Anton Verhagen is convinced: “In ten years all the professionals will work this way.”

Meanwhile the largest dinosaur-playground of Europe is opening in the Netherlands. The Dinosaur park “DinoDome” is located in the Gaia Park Zoo in Kerkrade Limburg. The official opening will be on May 27th, but children can already go and play among the giant dinosaurs.