New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

The police are your best friend. But not always.

In New York, a Dutch girl on her bicycle almost got a fine because she wore a skirt.

Apparently, this is not allowed in the American metropolis New York City. Other road users might get distracted, with all its consequences.

It has happened to Jasmijn Rijcken, the general manager of the Dutch bicycle company VANMOOF, who was in New York to visit The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show. At the moment the police note down her name and address, he found out that she was from the Netherlands.

She convinced him that wearing such clothing on a bicycle in the Netherlands is very normal, so she received a warning to wear pants next time.

Jasmijn: “In NYC the POLICE told me NOT TO WEAR A DRESS! I distracted cars and should only wear pants while biking! he was NOT joking, death serious! I cannot believe it… how can they say they are a bike & woman friendly city? So discriminating!”

Only when he discovered I was not from the U.S., he calmed down somewhat, and I could drive on, but had to promise to put on pants next time. ”

It is not the first time an NYPD officer has stopped cyclists for completely frivolous non-offenses. In April, a private school administrator received a ticket for biking with a tote bag on her handlebars. The police have not responded to a Streetsblog inquiry about Rijcken’s allegations.

Her harassment at the hands of the police has colored Rijcken’s perception of not only New York City but the United States. “I was shocked,” she said. “In Holland, people refer to America as the country of freedom.”

Together with almost 150 New York City bikers VANMOOF completed an extremely glamorous and positive protest ride to support free and fashionable biking. It was a huge success, and they hope to encourage everybody to stand up and bike the way they like!

  • What’s going on @NYCanaries New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

  • New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

  • New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts – #funny ha 🙂

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  • Geen #rokjesdag in New York.
    RT @GroenLiesbeth In NY mag je niet fietsen met een rok aan!

  • Is NYC still located in the US which is supposed to be a free country??

  • Rare mensen die amerikanen! RT @Marlies1965: hier zakt mijn rok en broek en alles eromheen van af… #preutsenhypocriet

  • New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

  • Good thing i’m not dutch: New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts –

  • @sindandune Yeah, how dare she wear a skirt on a bike! > New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts

  • Fun. @marieclaudef: @sindandune New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts”

  • @mcleaver

    Ahem, “death” serious? That is serious!

  • In america people are as free as the people in north korea

  • whaaat? “@Xtel: Culture clash… RT @marlooz: New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts « Dutch Daily News”

  • btw, VANMOOF’s bikes are extremely ugly, they should be banned on behalf of their looks only

  • This is great! I am now wondering if my product the NOMONRO dressclip is punishable or perhaps a tool to help the NY police in their passion to prevent blowing skirts 😉

  • Biking in New York wearing a skirt can get you a fine! Hope Copenhagen is more relaxed 🙂

  • @StevendJong en nu?

  • ? Nouja zeg. RT @senaytweets: New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts: Wake me up!This is happening is US!

  • New York bans girls on bicycles wearing skirts « Dutch Daily News: #WTF

  • New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts – nou ja! Belachelijk.Rare Amerikanen.

  • Alex

    Smells like a publicity stunt. After all Jasmijn is a Marketing specialist.

  • nog nooit van rokjesdag gehoord daar in New York

  • rokjesdag in New York. mooi verhaal

  • Who thought that the morality-police was a Teheran-idea, think again.

  • New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts « Dutch Daily News

  • @ameeliah, if you’re going to start biking around NYC, you should probably be aware of this:

  • Nou ja! "@rzbh: New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts #SaudiArabiaOnTheHudson? #NYPD"

  • haha thats great information for future………..

  • WTF RT @mdgee: New York bans Dutch girls on bicycles wearing skirts –

  • scienex

    nice legs! :o)

  • Nancy

    Let’s face it hot legs distract drivers cause crashes. Guy is just doing his job. I am sure there are rules in Amsterdam that we don’t understand but it is what it is.

  • wtf

    America as the country of freedom… 🙂 😀 😀

  • This is utterly ridiculous and NYC needs to chill the F OUT! The fines with riding outside the bike lanes, the dresses being a distraction – thank GOD i’m not there or else, I’d erupt with the wrath of evil! This is complete discrimination! You don’t hear people bitching about men’s packages while riding in lycra!

  • This is utterly ridiculous and NYC needs to chill the F- OUT! The fines with riding outside the bike lanes, the dresses being a distraction – thank GOD i’m not there or else, I’d erupt with the wrath of evil! This is complete discrimination! You don’t hear people bitching about men’s packages while riding in lycra!

  • keloff

    who audits these guys anyway? is there any accountability for ticket “reasons?” another great example of questionable ticketing:

    also, good point @jess

  • Holly

    It’s not against the law in NYC to wear a skirt while biking, ride outside the lanes, carry a tote, etc. The NYPD were told to increase the number the tickets they gave for cycling offenses but no one told them what the laws actually are. So they’re just having a free-for-all right now. There’s been a big backlash in the cycling community, so presumably it will stop soon enough. The problem in NYC is lack of education about the rights and responsibilities of cyclists on the road among both cyclists and motorists, and this, along with poor infrastructure, is putting everyone into conflict. Cycling advocacy groups like Transportation Alternatives are trying to push more education (in driving tests, schools and for delivery drivers), etc., but it’s kind of a new idea here, so it’s slow-going.

  • This is a men’s problem, not a girl’s one. Men are hostages of their primal instincts, that’s the truth.

  • Visitor

    Hard to believe. American girls always wear skirts , some of which can barely be called a skirt and look more like lingerie and they never get told to dress in pants. Maybe she mistook a bad pick-up line or turned down an arrogant NYC police officer’s advances. That would sound somewhat more believable. Its a man’s problem anyway if they can’t control their distractions. NYC is a big city and I’d wonder what this girl’s dress was revealing to have anyone question her personal style. Occupy NYC has even gone topless and no one said anything about that.

  • John

    Nice skirt in the picture above- wouldn’t mind having it in my closet. Before everyone assumes a NYC policeman was out of line; it would be better if this young lady can prove if such an incident ever really happened. Sounds like a news article needed to fill an empty page awaiting readers’ comments.

  • destiny

    This article made me laugh….I am a American 🙂 Riding a bike in a skirt is offensive and distracting…I don’t want to see your crotch while your riding a bike…YUCK…You should wear proper clothing while biking and hanging things off of your handlebars is dangerious….You should always wear a helmet!!!! We also have a great police force that gets all of the facts before writing a ticket…She only got a warning and was asked to put on the proper clothing while biking here…In the netherlands I have yet to see a cop do anything….LOL…Also What would happen if a cop stopped a expat ? MMMMMMM it sure would not be a warning…

  • Sara

    Official NYC bike rules can be seen here: I’ve never in my whole life heard of anyone given a ticket for what they are wearing!

  • Ramon

    @ Copenhagen you’ll get fined for having someone at the back of your bike. Completely normal in the Netherlands. Guess each country has its rules..

  • Wil

    Sounds like the type of things that police pull here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Holly is very correct, both the police and the bicyclists are not aware of just what the cycling laws are, thus it’s a free for all.

  • Jason_Buttle

    You have yet to see a cop do anything AND you are sure an expat would get more then just a warning. Isn’t that a contradiction?

  • sjgretiredaf

    New York, run by fools.

  • endthefed

    only a crazy person would even try to bike anywhere in the 5 boroughs. Because drivers are crazy here and there are 9 million people. Plus I stopped wearing skirts like 15 years ago in the city because I got too much harassment. NYC is the worst city in the world, I hate it, and I’m a native.

  • endthefed

    good luck with that one..what happens to America happens in NYC first, and NYC’s soul is dead. It’s catching to the rest of the country already.

  • RVB

    Marketing stunt….

  • centralparktarzan

    welcome to Saudi Arabia…hahahaha

  • Reltih

    In NYC where a dude can walk around in underwear dressed as a cowboy

  • Peter Bering

    Why would anyone want to go to NYC or the USA in general?

  • arabsrulechina

    When in Rome do what the romans do. It’s about respecting the laws of the the local country.

  • normalinnit

    The police are not my best friend you idiot. They’re a gang of thugs lke the KKK, the bloods, and the crips.

  • Valerie

    Total and complete bullshit. Attention whore, nothing more. Also, the ticket for the backpack on the handlebars? That’s because is stupid and dangerous to do so. So Dutch people, go crawl back into your wooden shoes and get a life. We do not envy you, or your bike culture.

  • annascottpiano

    Yes you do envy us. If you cycled a little bit more you wouldn’t be the most obese country in the world. Sickening.

  • Jimmyboy

    And in Europe, being told to wear your pants means something very different than in the US.

  • Jay

    Man, I wouldn’t want to get caught walking in the city of New York let alone biking. Way too many crazy ‘NASCAR’ drivers on the streets.

  • RocRizzo

    I once knew a woman in the US who wore skirts so short they could have been called belts.

  • RocRizzo

    When I lived in Brooklyn, I did bike everywhere. I guess I am very crazy. That comes with being born in Brooklyn.

  • RocRizzo

    The USA is NOT a free country. They changed the word “freedom,” to “feedom” because there is a cost for everything

  • RocRizzo

    I’m trying to get out myself!

  • john kilcher

    One of our great americans flaunting our so-called american superiority. I can’t tell how many times while in amsterdam, I’ve heard obnoxious americans degrade you folks for riding uch old and rusty bikes. When I go there and I hear an American, I stay away. Not all bare that obnoxious, but I come over ther to get away from this Fcuked up cuntry.

  • Benno Groeneveld

    Hoax. Just to drum up some publicity. But interesting: some of the comments by New York/the US haters here. Also bad journalism, stories like this should be fact checked! Or maybe that is too much work for these “journalists.”

  • Neo

    What could have been worse then wearing a short skirt? If she would have been black. Enough reason for the police to yell: stop resisting arrest and then shoot her.

  • Neo

    So show me where that law is written.

  • bardvantwenthe

    The men should wear a kilt, scottish style.

  • Ricardo Roque

    100% marketing…

  • Aajaxx

    It’s bad when foreigners have to teach us about freedom. We used to be the standard of the world on personal freedom, but now forget it. Busybodies are taking over.

  • metalmakker

    Stories like these are paid for. Advertising. That’s the whole idea of this website actually.

  • metalmakker

    Whoops! “news” from 2011… this marketing thing is working really good!

  • Benno Groeneveld

    If it’s paid advertising, it would be nice to note that somewhere in the story. Or above the headline. That would be more honest.

  • Dirk Koster

    In Holland, the police sets the example!

  • Dirk Koster

    In Holland, the police sets the example.

  • vaxination

    and the lack of education of the police as to actual laws. like you know the 4th amendment that they break all the time when they target black men for stop and frisks.

  • Roemer Lievaart

    Speak for yourself, loser. Most men have HUMAN primal instincts. Not silly “men” ones.

  • kiwii

    I have to fix it… in the netherlands we see the usa as the land of the fat and home of the dump

  • Esta Goossens

    And this is ok in The streets of NYC?

  • Esta Goossens

    Yeah iT really is the woman’s responsibility to protect the men from distraction.

  • prolibertate

    I spent a lot of time there – the US is a fabulous place, or at least it was, before Obama.

    If you haven’t been to the US, you missed some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. And some of the kindest, best people in the world.

  • prolibertate

    Getting out of NYC can be tough, for New Yorkers. Try baby steps: take the train to, say, Princeton, where I usually spent my weekends, while I was working in NYC 😉

  • prolibertate

    Just a bit over 3 hours out of NYC, there are Amish communities in Pennsylvania where you can buy fresh vegetables by picking them from a table and putting money in a cardboard box, from which you take your change – and no one seems to be stealing the money or the vegetables.

    Try to find that in Europe…

  • prolibertate

    That looks more like a costume than a uniform… what are the crates on their bikes for? And why don’t they ride modern, light-weight bikes?

    One can tell that Holland is a very flat country. Try riding one of those heavy old bikes up through the city of Lausanne and you’ll feel your pain 😀 😀 😀

  • prolibertate

    That’s because government is a mafia. Interestingly, most people who don’t like the police still want MORE government and higher taxes. I’ll never get that.

  • prolibertate

    H&M? The guys who started promoting hijab fashion? I totally boycott them.

  • Peter Bering

    Lol, I have been in that Land of Fake, Superficiality and Dishonesty a lot.

  • Peter Bering

    You are funny, but of total irrelevance.

  • prolibertate

    Your message is self-contradictory. You claim that I’m “irrelevant”, yet you reply.

    It was your comment that was totally irrelevant. You said absolutely NOTHING – except for the fact that you are clueless, annoying and prejudiced.

  • prolibertate

    Fake, superficial and dishonest – that glove fits you perfectly!

    You obviously have a gigantic chip on your shoulder and you are unable to see reality for what it is.

    I pity you.

  • Peter Bering

    LOL! What utterly dumb behaviour. Another murrican FAIL in about 6 ways simultaneously.

  • kutler can find that in every rural place almost anywhere in western europe.

  • prolibertate

    Oh really? Please supply a precise location where you actually saw this.

    I’ve travelled throughout Europe, East to West, North to South, through tiny villages and all the major agglomerations and I’ve never seen the same.

    Not even in Switzerland.

  • Monzo

    What you describe kutler is the norm in all of rural world… In my grandparent’s village in Portugal… everybody has their own land, grow their own fruit, vegetables (100% organic), trade it with neighbors, sometimes for money sometimes not…

  • Lars Riber

    This is simply untrue! It’s found all over Europe.
    Depending on growing season! Maybe you travelled & search wrong time of year?
    Not every one living in a city is aware of such..
    Any minor road along the coast in Germany. All over rural Denmark & Sweden.
    Make a picture search:
    Vejbod. Sorry if disturbing the American prejudice about dangerous, backstanding & whathavewe Europe. Stay safe & happy 🙂

  • prolibertate

    That’s NOT what I described!
    Maybe if people were more attentive, we’d not get those constant comments “Oh, this is just like…”

    What you describe is that villagers trade with each other etc.

    That’s not what the Amish do: they leave their produce out in the open, unguarded, along with an open box for the money.

    For anyone, not just neighbors and villagers.

    And as I said, I travelled all over the world, including all over Europe, I grew up in a small village in Switzerland – a country where trust was implicit – and I’ve NEVER seen anything like it.

    But if you are sure that you know a place where you can just go pick your own stuff, put money in a box and take out the change – without anyone being present, then please let me know where…

  • prolibertate

    Sorry about destroying your obvious inability to read and put into context.

    Maybe it’s a Dutch thing, but you obviously paid ZERO attention to any of my posts, but you still reply with an arrogant message attacking “Americans”.

    I mentioned multiple times that I’m SWISS, not American and I definitely traveled throughout Europe (and the rest of the world) far more often than you. Also, I’m not afraid of mountain roads, as most Dutch tourists we see here..

    Anyway, I perfectly know small villages, markets, farms etc. throughout Europe, I know that they sell their own produce – and NONE of them match what I saw in those Amish regions.

    Again: the Amish just put their produce out in the open, in front of their farm, and left it there, with a box with money, so you could buy what you wanted, put the payment in that box and take out the change – with no one present.

    In every single farm in Europe I ever bought anything from, there was always a person present when they sold produce. And I’ve never seen an unguarded a box with money. Not even in Switzerland.

    So if you think you actually know something like it, please provide an exact location, as I’d like to see it.

  • Lars Riber

    As already suggested try searching pictures of VEJBOD

    OK? That is what I can help with.. Nothing else necessary!
    Everything is CLOSED & stowed AWAY at this time of the year..!
    Please feel free read the facts already provided..

  • prolibertate

    I looked up VEJBOD. All I get is “bio” food. Not any mention that the have boxes with money in unguarded locations where everyone can put in or take out money as they please, to pay for their produce.

    And I’m pretty sure that if I ask anyone who is listed under VEJBOD if they have such a system, they’ll think I’m crazy.

    You clearly didn’t understand my point: the ONLY thing that surprised me was the payment via open box with money in the total absence of anyone working at the farm, not the produce being sold outside the farm.

    So unless you know a place where THIS in particular is practiced, then please point it out – with proof.

    Simply pointing me to “bio” food suppliers is really not answering my question, which, I’m sure, you totally misunderstood, based on your reply.

  • Lars Riber

    This is a the top weirdest discussion I’ve been into LOL.
    Use the search option PICTURE when looking for the results of vejbod..
    Many are in fact bio farmers. There’s plenty of pictures where you’ll see proud owners in front of their sales stand. Only for the picture then most of those will be unattended. As you can see several others is..
    Bist du übrigens immer so Renitent zu andere Reise Erfahrungen?

  • Oberon

    Funny you of all people should complain about others…

    You ask us to look at pictures that – by your own admission – do not show what you claim.

    “Many are in fact bio farmers”

    That’s irrelevant to the issue. Just shows that you did misunderstand the question.

    And when you don’t have a clue about German, you should not try post in that language. Looks like Google Translate would do a better job than you.

  • Lars Riber

    I know any halbwegs ordentliche Korrektheitsfetischist muß sich sofort Beschwerden wenn jemand seine Muttersprache nicht 110% Korrekt beherrscht !! Ordnung muß sein, Alter Treudeutsche.. Tucholsky hat euch mehrmals treffend beurteilt..
    Ich bin niemandem hier was schuldig! Geh selber schauen oder lass es.. Ohne eure Meinung oder WeltSorgen dreht das ganze sich einfach unproblematisch weiter!
    Weiterhin viele schøne Stunden mit irrelevante Internetnørglerei. Hoffe innerlich ganze Geschreibsel sei durch & durch Grammatisch sowie Retoriske vøllig daneben falsch um Deine Hochtrabende Deutsche BeamtnerSeele zu Ærgern.
    Hop I Havet.. Klaphat & Tak for lort.. LOL

  • against the law? lol ridiculous.

  • Barry Freed

    for a person who says they’ve been all around europe and tiny villages you don’t seem to have much concept of different people in different cultures do things differently. you think all white people are the same in every country??? your way may be the right way in your city or country, but it’s obviously different everywhere else. you would have seen that if you were an attentive traveler.

  • Barry Freed

    “And some of the kindest, best people in the world.” is that not counting you?

  • Barry Freed

    who gives a flying fluck that you visited an amish farm? you think there’s nowhere in europe on the trust system? you’re a total idiot man. are you really that insecure that you have to make sure everyone agrees that you are the greatest american to roam this website? you are so much more wise than the dutch? you are what’s wrong with america.

  • rational999

    wow, that really escalated beyond the norm. Barry, old boy, you just *might* have an anger problem.

  • rational999


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