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Dutch girls smarter than boys

Dutch girls are smarter than boys. They are better in languages, follow higher education levels and are more likely to get a diploma.

This is evident from figures published Wednesday by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education.

There are more girls than boys following HAVO and VWO education. The percentage of boys is higher in lower educational such as practical education and basic and vocational educational routes from secondary school.

There are about as many boys as girls in primary education. Girls are generally better in comprehensive reading and spelling, boys in mathematics and arithmetic.

66 percent of the students in special education are boys.

In higher education, more women than men stay with their education choice. They quit less often with their studies and switch less.

Of the students who started in 2001 at a university, six in ten men got a degree within six years compared to three-quarters in women.

About 65 percent of women on HBO get a degree after five years compare to 50 percent of men.