Global Dental Science selects Tilburg as springboard for European expansion

Global Dental Science selects Tilburg as springboard for European expansion

Innovative American dental prosthetics company will employ around 100 people

The American company Global Dental Science is set to introduce its breakthrough denture technology in the Netherlands. The company behind the first fully digitized denture production has selected Tilburg as its springboard for European expansion. Aside from production facilities, Global Dental Science will also be housing its R&D, sales and distribution departments in Tilburg. This means the current staff of ten is expected to increase to at least 100 fulltime jobs by 2016-2018.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company operates on this side of the Atlantic under the name Global Dental Science Europe (GDS Europe), which is introducing its AvaDent Digital Dentures to the European market. In searching for a suitable European location for its head office, the company settled on Tilburg due to its central location in the Benelux region, the excellent logistical links to the rest of the continent and the technological expertise prevalent in the region, says general manager Jan Slor.

High-quality manufacturing industryThe Tilburg city council’s executive board member for economy, Erik de Ridder, also applauded Global Dental Science’s arrival. “In the wake of Tesla, which set up shop here earlier this year, we have once again attracted an international innovator to our city. Both these acquisitions confirm Tilburg’s position as a high-quality manufacturing center, an image we intend to emphatically develop in the years to come for local and, in no small measure, also for international companies.”

Multifaceted employment opportunities in Tilburg
GDS Europe will initially focus on obtaining a strong position in the Benelux region, after which the American company will gradually spread to other parts of Europe. For Tilburg this means the prospect of new jobs, including employment in the field of computer-aided engineering. “We are undoubtedly an exciting employer for skilled employees, but we believe that manual laborers who are interested in computer technology are just as valuable,” says Jan Slor.

Identifying the location and further talks
De Ridder highlighted the decisive roles played by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), and the municipality of Tilburg. ”If it had not been for the vigilant actions of the NFIA in the US and the facilitating role of BOM here in Brabant, Tilburg might never have been considered,” says Erik de Ridder. “All the parties involved played major roles in ensuring that the deal was finalized.”

CAD/CAM process automation: faster, a perfect fit, and improved oral hygiene
Global Dental Science’s breakthrough innovation involves the digitization of removable dentures, both in the design phase as well as in their manufacture (using CAD/CAM technology). The digital platform means that a person can have impressions and a scan made in just one visit to the dentist’s, which will serve as the basis for perfect fitting dentures. Moreover, you no longer need five or six appointments with your dentist for dentures, but a mere two consultations.

Thanks to the perfect fit and the bio-hygienic material the company uses, loose dentures and bad breath will be a thing of the past. “Our aim is to make denture cleaning tablets and adhesives redundant for the three million denture wearers in the Netherlands,” says Slor.

Source: BOM Foreign Investments press release

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