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Unilever CEO warns over global food crisis

The chief executive of Unilever of one of the world’s largest food producers, Paul Polman, warns that the global crisis in food production is close to “dangerous territory” by rising prices and surpassing demand. This he said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

According to Polman, food prices are significantly inflated by short-term speculators.

“One of the most important things in food inflation is that it has attracted speculators for short-term profit at the expense of people living a dignified life,” said Polman against the British Sunday newspaper.

The CEO believes that speculators should be forced to disclose their positions.

Polman has been leading the debate against more hedge funds that deal in these matters: “They would even sell their grandmother if it brought in money.

These people are not interested to work for the long-term interests of society.