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Google Maps Navigation Now Works in The Netherlands

Google Maps Navigation now works in the Netherlands as the free turn-by-turn navigation system.

In October 2009, Google released Google Maps Navigation for Android devices, a free turn-by-turn navigation system based on Google Maps. At first, the service was limited to the U.S. Recently it was extended to the U.K. and Ireland, and now it’s also available in Canada and most of mainland Europe.

The list of newly supported countries is as follows: Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

In addition, Google Search by voice is now available for French, German, Italian, and Spanish speakers. English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese were already supported.

Google also detailed how it goes about adding new languages for Voice Search:

Our goal is to bring Google Search by voice to speakers of all languages. We follow a rigorous process to add each new language or dialect. Working directly with native speakers in each country, we spend weeks collecting spoken utterances to create the specific models which power the service.

Voice Search works on the iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia S60 devices and obviously, it also works on Android devices.

Google Maps Navigation is still completely free for owners of Android devices 1.6 and higher, and it supports voice commands and voice search, street view, traffic warnings, as well as POIs and step-by-step directions.