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Google phone coming to the Netherlands in May

Google’s phone Nexus One is for sale in May in the Netherlands, according to telecom company Vodafone.

The mobile device, which is built by the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC, will run on the latest version of Google’s Android mobile platform, and is considered a competitor to the iPhone, the success of Apple’s smartphone.

The device is available since January in the United States, where the Nexus One is sold online by Google.

The phone is available in the U.S. for $ 529 unlocked and can be used by a telecom provider of choice. Americans can also buy the device with a subscription to T-Mobile. Nexus One will cost $ 179.

In Europe including the Netherlands, the phone will be sold by Vodafone. According to a spokesperson the phone will be first available on April 30 in the UK. In the month of May also the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will follow.

Unlike the United States is the unit in the Netherlands will soon be on sale through the regular sale points of Vodafone. The company could not yet reveal the exact release date or price.