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A great year for Dutch movies

2011 was a “great year” for the Dutch film. This announced ​​the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch Film Fund Monday.

The number of films that reached gold (100,000 visitors), platinum (400,000), diamonds (one million) or crystal state (10,000 visitors documentary) has risen compared to 2010.

Last year 15 films received gold status, two more than in 2010. New Kids Nitro, The Heineken Kidnapping and Bennie Stout received the award.

The platinum film was awarded to five movies: Dik Trom, Loft, Sonny Boy, Nova Zembla and Gooische Vrouwen. This is two more than the year before.

New Kids Turbo and Gooische Vrouwen attracted more than 1 million visitors.

American magazine Variety said Nova Zembla has all key ingredients, A love story, a large ship and nasty icebergs, though Dutch producer-turned-director Reinout Oerlemans’ second effort is no “Titanic.”