Grontmij supports Malmö’s goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable city

Grontmij supports Malmö’s goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable city

Grontmij will provide consultancy services to Malmö as the city continues its ecological transition to greater sustainability. The framework agreement with the city will run for two years and has a value to Grontmij of € 2.2 million. Sweden’s third largest city is committed to the development of environmentally friendly energy, transport and recycling systems as part of its goal to become the world’s most sustainable urban area by 2020.

One of the key components in achieving Malmö’s goal is to attract funding. From 1998, Malmö has received support from the Swedish government and the European Union for its transition. Grontmij will assist in the development of applications for financial support from government and other sources for sustainable urban development. In addition, Grontmij will be networking for the development of new policies, programmes and projects over the two-year framework period. Per-Anders Tauson, Water & Energy manager at Grontmij in Sweden, says ‘this is not a traditional consulting role but rather a creative process where we, as Grontmij, can contribute to Malmö’s continued evolution into an eco-city.’

Grontmij’s contribution further includes strategy and concept development. ‘This will pull together our full range of expertise – energy, sustainable buildings, water, light rail and highways & roads,’ confirms Tauson. ‘We are proud that our expertise in sustainability in all these areas has been recognised, earning us a place in this future-oriented and prestigious plan.’

Grontmij is an expert in multi-disciplinary urban sustainability projects and plans. Most recently, Grontmij UK signed a framework agreement with Scotland Excel for consultancy services on roads and infrastructure, transportation and traffic and environmental engineering to a range of public-sector bodies. In the Netherlands, a four-year framework agreement was signed in July 2013 with a major water board to improve water and waste-water management.

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