Grontmij to design Rijnland Route in the Netherlands

Grontmij to design Rijnland Route in the Netherlands

Grontmij has been awarded the contract to prepare the reference design for the Rijnland Route by the Province of South Holland. The contract will run from November 2013 until August 2014.

Rijnland Route
The N206 provincial road is the major traffic artery between the A4 highway and Katwijk. The road is very heavily used. The Province of South Holland works together with central and local governments, to improve this connection via the so-called Rijnland Route. The existing provincial road, the N206 between Katwijk and the A44 highway, will be broadened and a new road will be constructed between the A44 and A4. The aim of all joint stakeholders is to improve the traffic flow, thereby improving the living environment and delivering a boost to spatial and economic developments in the region.

The role of Grontmij
Grontmij will be responsible for a variety of preparatory design tasks. The engineers will perform feasibility studies and deliver proposals for broadening existing roads, relocating and embedding new roads and a two kilometre-long bored tunnel. The design will focus on the suitability of the proposed route for local integration as well as the technical feasibility and the environmental impact. The proposed design will form the basis for the implementation contact. Grontmij will use the innovative project management method Scrum to realise the project

The project management method Scrum, best known from the IT business, is based on intensive collaboration and daily consultation sessions. This positively impacts the common ground and the project duration. By using this method for this prestigious project, Grontmij ensures rapid and precise implementation. Grontmij uses scrum for the realisation of various projects.

Ton de Jong, Country Managing Director of Grontmij in the Netherlands: ‘it is a project that allows Grontmij to demonstrate its multidisciplinary capabilities in terms of roads, water, tunnelling techniques, geotechnology and environmental management. Our team has a lot of experience in the local environment and has strong relationships with all stakeholders. Given their unique expertise, we are happy to work together with the tunnelling specialists of Grontmij in Germany.’

The project further reinforces Grontmij’s leading position in the highways and roads sector in Europe. Grontmij is involved in other similar projects including the widening of the A1 highway in the Netherlands and the redevelopment of the Antwerp Orbital, the Oosterweel link in Belgium. In addition, Grontmij was awarded a contract to develop proposals for an upgrade of the A63 Castle Street in the United Kingdom.

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