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Gulsen Olcay stars in American TV series Ready to Wear

Gulsen Olcay has landed a role in a popular American TV show.

Olcay can be seen as a coach in two episodes of the U.S. TV show Ready to Wear. This she revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

In Ready to Wear three candidates do their utmost to start their own fashion boutique. The Reality-TV show follows the store employees as they go out searching the attics, closets and garages of New York’s elite.

Olcay Gulsen is a 28-year-old exotic beauty who certainly has everything going for her. She’s famed, young, smart, and an extraordinary entrepreneur. With an international jet-setting lifestyle she travels to the world’s best places, while staying on the pulse of her brand. Mingling with celebrities and the fashion elite, working hard and playing hard; all the while being the managing director behind the ever-growing successful empire that is SuperTrash.

SuperTrash was found in L.A., by socialite Ava Rily, a true Hollywood girl, but brought to big European success in cooperation with the Dutch fashion entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen. Today SuperTrash is a well known brand in the contemporary fashion areas all over the world.

It is not known whether the program in the Netherlands will be shown.